When I decided to become a freelance writer, many doors opened wide. And behind all of those doors, there were these huge, unknown worlds staring at me. And there I was standing, staring right back at them.

The world is a stage, and some American mums are deeply aware of it. They perceive their kids as dolls, dressing them up in uptight suits, sky-blue shirts, and polished brown shoes. Some have even gone a step further and realised they should look exactly like the models in magazines. But what is the point of just dressing them up if no one is able to see them?

When I was in college I thought I had life all figured out. I thought I knew everything, and I thought the way in which I saw the world was the only way to view it. I could not have been more wrong. 

For most of us, watching a movie is usually nothing more than an easy way to have fun and relax. But for thirty-year-old Emina from Sarajevo, seeing one particular movie made a big change in her life.


Cameras have undergone major development in the past few years. Quality is improving while size and cost are dropping, meaning that more people carry powerful cameras around with them on a daily basis. This is changing our society in several ways: news is spreading faster, people are becoming more open to being under constant surveillance, and the process of filmmaking is being transformed.

Just several days ago, on a beautiful Swiss mountain called Passugg, I started my NOW journey together with 29 community activists, change makers, and social entrepreneurs from ten European countries. The objective was to make this world a better, greener, and nicer place to live.

Gender-based price discrimination is a relatively recent issue, not because it wasn’t there for years but because it can be tricky to identify. Basically, it can cost you more to be a woman than a man for certain products or services and vice versa.

Millions of fans all over the world, fan clubs in popular social networks, dozens of awards… Nowadays it seems like Game of Thrones has become a great cultural phenomenon: people have watched this TV show for years, and some of them even want to dress like they live in its fantasy world. It seems like some of them have found a good world to live in. What makes Game of Thrones so popular, and what might attract you if you have not seen it yet?

Robin Wright, actor and currently the most famous House of Cards character, just recently publicly exposed the barriers she has faced in her acting career. As a character on the show, she is equal to her male counterpart Kevin Spacey and yet is not even remotely paid the same as he is.

We have decided to follow the post-EURO 2016 trend and take a closer look at Iceland and its fascinating culture. Get ready to be amazed by Icelandic customs that will make you want to jump on a plane to visit it.


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