YES, we are living in the era where if you don't have website or app, or at least a blog - you are like a non-existing subject, doesn't matter if you are an individual, company or organization. And by seeing the development on this field, lot's of start-ups have come up with products and services that are cheap, user friendly, and fast on creating your online presence which can be of any form; website, mobile app, or just a blog. So, if you are still not part of the crowd, then you should really consider these suggestions we have listed here. Good luck on building your online world. 


What if data was open-sourced? What if data could be used for good? How can we create a better world through sharing knowledge and information? Can data be used for lifting people out of poverty, helping communities prepare for natural disasters or simply enhancing our ability to make day-to-day choices? There are many changemakers, social innovators, designers, technology experts, civil scientists and global citizens all over the world who are asking these questions.

Whether it proves to be an interaction that will benefit the daily needs of humans or turns out to get the entire world into a state of virtual distraction, the new era now dawning can be referred to as the “Sixth Sense” phase of technology. What it actually is?

We waste hours per day staring at the screen of our expensive phones, so why not make some money while we are at it? Here are the best apps that will indubitably earn you some cash. Warning: You should not expect to get rich with the money you earn from these apps, but they will surely be enough for some drinks, some groceries or a couple of bills.

Chances are if you clicked on this post, you are already on the path towards making better choices for yourself and the world around you. In order to live a full, creative and sustainable life, it starts with making greener choices throughout your daily routine. Our #GoGreen series kicks off with some tips on how you can be more eco-conscious at work.

Today, people are no longer spending much time watching television, they are no longer listening to radio, and they are no longer surfing the web only from their PC at home. The easily influenced audience has morphed into self-directed consumers who are able to control the conversation with advertisers and choose which ads are more appealing to them.

This article is focussed generally on the online traffic of websites and blogs, and most probably people who aren't into such stuff will not find this interesting, but those who are daily struggling with their online content to be shared and seen as much as possible this list may be a very helpful content. And as always all these articles with lists are not sharp lists, we are aware that out there are many other tools but we are trying to bring to you some of the most used and more efficient ones, have fun on analutics numbers and figures.

We live in a world of endless distractions. Between billions of web pages, thousands of television channels and a never-ending stream of social media messages, our always connected digital world has stretched our attention to the breaking point. With all of these distractions, it’s harder than ever to focus and get work done. This is where Saent comes in.

Fashionable Wearables

Wearables are all the rage these days and are revolutionizing the ways that we connect with technology. We no longer crave big, bulky, intrusive devices that disrupt our everyday lives, but technology that is seamlessly integrated into them. In an effort to feed our ever-intensifying addiction to digital information and live in the present moment, consumers are demanding new, more natural forms of interacting with technology.

Each and everyone of us is into writing. Some write because it's passion, others have to write because of academic assignments or work. But for everyone it is useful to know that there are plenty of online tools that can make our lives easier. In this article we've listed some of the most used ones.


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