Julia Kinash

Julia Kinash

Julia is Pres­i­dent of Youth Time Inter­na­tional Move­ment and editor-​in-​chief of Youth Time Mag­a­zine. She grad­u­ated from Moscow State Human­i­tar­ian Uni­ver­sity major­ing in Man­age­ment. She is cur­rently doing a PhD in Con­flict Man­age­ment.

Když přijde jaro, blog sféra je plná smutku, deprese a frustrace…  Už jste se někdy podivovali nad tím, proč jsou zprávy většinou tak negativní? Už jsme si zvykli na to, že vysílání zpráv přináší do našich každodenních životů negativní pocity. Kromě toho za to dokonce platíme! Je stále více zřejmé, že moderní lidé získávají potěšení z emocí, které jsou cokoliv jiného než pozitivní.

At the beginning of March, the President of the Youth Time International Movement, Julia Kinash, announced on her FB that YT is launching a new project. It will be an interactive network of experts who will share their experiences, tips, and tactics on various topics with young people all over the world. In this article Mrs. Kinash unveils some insights including how it is possible to be part of the project either as an expert or a listener. t

In the tacit stillness of Prague's streets he roams in quest of his model... Depicting images, ideas in his mind. He incarnates them in the flashes of a camera.

Julia Kinash, YT Movement president and an experienced attendee at many forums, training sessions, and schools, has come up with 10 useful tips on how to make the International Youth Summer School in Beijing the most effective personally for you.

"My guiding principle in painting is: matter as matter. I don’t care about paints, brush strokes or the virtuosity of the brush. I have always pursued the essence: the body as a body”.
I.E. Repin

We managed to chat with one of the most outstanding European politicians Mr Zeman at the Let My People Live! forum that was held in Prague, on January 26 and 27. His opinions always stand out for their particular sharpness, frankness and directness. We managed to uncover his thoughts on some of the big events to have occurred in Europe recently.

Interview with well-known Indian activist, journalist and publisher Chanda Singh.

Interview with Vitaly Lopota, the ex-president and chief designer at the S.P. Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation “Energia”, the prime developer and contractor of the Russian manned spaceflight program.

Salman Khoshroo’s portraits seem so honest and yet impartial, that they make you quiver. Perhaps that happens because what he does in his paintings is laying human soul open. Psychology is his primary interest in art. Khoshroo’s studio is similar to a psychologist’s consulting room, and his paintings come as personal diagnosis for different people. Each face looking at you from his paintings is a face of an ordinary Iranian. Each face makes you wonder about what one man is able to understand about the other, and about how this comprehension is possible without words. These are the Khoshroo’s paintings that we choose to dedicate our photo project to. The interview with the Youth Time reveals what is motivating Salman Khoshroo and what is moving him forward.

Miloš Zeman is the 3rd President of the Czech Republic, who has been elected for the first time by the nationwide voting. He has held the Presidential office since March 2013. The clamorous corruption scandal which occurred during his Presidency resulted in early elections to the lower house of the Czech Parliament. From 1993 to 2001, Zeman was the leader of the Czech Social Democratic Party. Under his leadership, the weak and poorly managed organization has developed into one of the most influential political forces in the country. Zeman is an author of the biographical book called “How I made mistakes in politics” (Jak jsem se mýlil v politice) that was published in 2005 during the period of his withdrawal from active social life.

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