Starting a business is probably one of the most stressful activities one can take up. Some entrepreneurs, including many of the well known serial entrepreneurs, depend upon instinct to reach success while a vast majority conduct a detailed research and market analysis before heading out into, what for them are, uncharted territories.

As we all know, eye contact and just a look can communicate a million words. The old adage also goes, action speaks louder than words. Depending upon which research paper you refer to, the percentage mostly varies from 70 to 93 percent.

According to the World Economic Forum the seas and the oceans are going to contain more plastic waste than fish. This, as early as the year 2050.  Additionally,  is the waste which goes into landfills. Based on available data, plastic production, as of 2014, was 311 million tones and is expected to double in another 20 years and will be four times as much by the year 2050. Most of this production is ‘consumed’ by the developed world which forms a fraction of the world’s population. If the total figure is divided by the number of people inhabiting our planet, the per capita consumption, comes approximately to a staggering 50 kilos per person and those living in the developing world, consume only a small part of the total production. Take a moment and chew on these numbers.

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