With the Polar caps melting and unidentifiable, haunting, and curious sounds emerging in the Polar region, even wildlife and marine life are being driven away. Researchers, hunters, and fisher people have confirmed this reality. Many cities in the developing world are becoming unliveable due to pollution. Not just early morning smog but soot-filled air all through the day and night in many cities has already driven away birds. Humans are wearing masks just to be able to breathe somewhat purified air, above all in the highly populated and industrialized cities of India and China.

10/11/2016 - 11:52 am

Why Are Millennials Never Happy?

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Being described and depicted as the Me, me, me generation, the most narcissistic generation ever or the generation that is the most addicted to social media, one would assume that Generation Millennials are experiencing a strong measure of happiness and personal satisfaction. However, recently published surveys have proven that this is the most fragile generation yet, and that anxiety is something that a big percentage of youth today are dealing with on a daily basis. One must ask why?

They say every time has its illness. And if we scan through the history books we can truly see that. We all know about the black plague in the medieval period, malaria, smallpox, cholera, and the most recent HIV/AIDS outbreak. The time has come to identify and face the illness of the Millennials, and for this health threat there is no vaccine that can help out, at least not yet.

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