As life expectancy goes higher and higher so do the risks of developing age related diseases. Since we humans cannot regenerate ourselves, enter the scientists. What are the latest success stories that science has to offer and are these attempts original or do some of them mimic age old and even primitive beliefs? Read to find out.

What makes us what we are is influenced by many factors. Based on research it can clearly be stated, food and nutrition is one of the important factors that influences our personality apart from contributing to physical health.

24/7/2017 - 9:53 am

Brainstorming Does Not Work

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Brainstorming, a term coined by Alex F. Osborn in the 1950s, has often been used as a method to come up with new ideas. According to him, the team would meet, talk about ideas and during such meetings there would be no criticism of any idea, they would go for large quantities of ideas, build on each other’s ideas and even encourage wild and exaggerated ideas. He further went on to say this produced large quantities of ideas and that quantity produced quality.

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