Nineteen-year-old Italian fashion blogger Chiara Nasti receives malicious online comments and hate messages every day. To show haters what she thinks of their comments, she printed some of them on toilet paper and shared a photo on her social media networks with the title “Clean it in a decent way” (“Pulirsi in modo decente”). But many Italian teenagers are not strong enough to fight online abuse with humor.

Starting a business is probably one of the most stressful activities one can take up. Some entrepreneurs, including many of the well known serial entrepreneurs, depend upon instinct to reach success while a vast majority conduct a detailed research and market analysis before heading out into, what for them are, uncharted territories.

As we all know, eye contact and just a look can communicate a million words. The old adage also goes, action speaks louder than words. Depending upon which research paper you refer to, the percentage mostly varies from 70 to 93 percent.

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