Ekaterina Kuznetsova

Ekaterina Kuznetsova

Ekaterina Kuznetsova is a journalist, traveler and dreamer. She has a BA degree in journalism and MA in human rights. Ekaterina loves interviewing people and discovering the world;  living in six different countries, Ekaterina now is the producer of the Olympic Channel - a new digital platform based in Madrid, Spain. Her biggest passions include poetry, cinema and animals.

The summer is here… Can you hear it knocking on your door? Or is it missing some beat? Well, even if you live in a European country where it’s still cold - let these music festivals warm you up a little! Jump on the plane and follow the sound!

Intuition is real. Vibes are real. Intuition is really just fast pattern recognition, and it can be very accurate. So yeah, if you have a gut feeling that a person or situation is not good, get the hell out. Your brain knows what’s up.

Did you know that today you can make toast by simply riding a bicycle? Yes, that’s right. Just like the phones that you can now charge in Amsterdam Schiphol and Brussels airport just by rolling the pedals. With only thirty minutes of cycling you can charge a telephone. News about the telephone charge isn't new; however, watching a piece of bread be toasted while somebody cycles certainly surprised me. Surprised me and made me think of how many new dimensions technology can offer nowadays.

We live in the age of digital innovations and the rise of technologies. According to statistics gathered by Pocketgamer.biz in 2015, developers are submitting more than 1,000 apps to Apple's App Store per day! With millions of apps available it is really difficult to find the ones that we really need. Young developer Nicolas Lesage has come up with an app that targets students and young people as its primary audience. The idea is simple, yet something that you have not heard of before. I sat down with Nicolas to discuss the idea of FlatShaker - the app that helps you find out about an apartment before moving in.

Have you ever visited Russia, or if not, how much do you know about the country?  Russia is really fascinating, and you can get acquainted with its culture without actually visiting it.

Roberto Rivas is a young and talented jewelry & handbag designer from Madrid, Spain. Looking at the original leather bags and handmade designs that the artist creates all by himself, you cannot help but wonder where the inspiration comes from. I sat down with Roberto to discuss his creative path and how he chose to make bags.

Мы встретились на железнодорожной станции в Мадриде. Вьет Ха оказалась именно такой, какой я её себе представляла: очень дружелюбный и энергичный человек, с которым приятно проводить время. Мечтателя можно узнать издалека, и я определённо смогла почувствовать эту особенность где-то в глубине её души, даже судя по ответам на мои простенькие вопросы.

If you are looking for interesting events to attend, you will not regret it if you come to Spain. The beautiful city of Madrid will not only surprise you with its magnificent Retiro Park, or grand Plaza Mayor and excellent shopping ... It can also welcome you with music. Check out this summer's events, and be on the lookout for more. 

Журнал Youth Time открывает новую колонку «Мой поворотный момент», в которой авторы рассказывают о каком-либо судьбоносном событии, изменившим их самих и всю их жизнь. Почему вы стали тем, кто вы есть? Делитесь своими историями.

Last week, from February 9-12, the No Hate Speech Movement organized a seminar linked to implementing of the Gender Equality Strategy of the Council of Europe. The event took place in the European Youth Centre in Strasbourg and was called “Combatting Sexist Hate Speech”. The idea was to bring together human rights activists, researchers, and policymakers to deepen the understanding of sexist hate speech and identify appropriate responses.


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