3/4/2017 - 12:00 pm

Mandatory Positive Thinking

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We live in the world that is too filled with flattery. It may sound ironic, since modern society is under the constant pressure of stress, not to mention a wide range of trends. So-called positive psychology can be considered as another blindly-followed sweet-talking trend, since its purpose has gone too far. In order to find a more direct route to happiness, people must learn to trust themselves, and also to encourage themselves to roam towards certain goals, without beating themselves up if they slip along the way. The charming face of this fashionable philosophy is why people resort to a self-help concept that advocates “positivity” and offers a variety of lists with rules for a prosperous life.

A bottle left over from the water – in a yellow container, packaging left over from the milk – in an orange one, a box from the eggs ... Where to put a box left over from the eggs? We are almost accustomed to the fact that the waste that we daily produce in large quantities is subject to classification, and we follow the rules without much consideration. However, it is worthwhile to ask: first, what garbage and where to throw it, and secondly, if it makes sense.

23/3/2017 - 2:00 pm

Tweeting Our Lives

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Imagine that every social network is like a kitchen table. It is not limited by length, width, or number of seats, so you can have as many guests as you please. Now, imagine your kitchen full of dishes, ingredients, and you, preparing various delicious meals to impress your guests. Have you ever thought about how many guests your table should hold, and how much you are ready to invest in cooking and serving?

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