9/2/2017 - 11:22 am

What Language Do You Think In?

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Since ancient times, people have placed tremendous value on foreign language proficiency, and people who were considered as polyglots have been highly respected. Today’s globalized society calls for a wide range of language knowledge, since it is necessary for jobs, travel, etc. But, have you ever wondered why languages are so important and useful?

If you by any chance decide to google the term „Millennials“ you are bound to be bombarded with thousands of articles, a large portion of these writings are focused on the Millennials' finances and on the relationship between the Millennials and the economy.

Global warming and climate change are issues which have been present for more than a half century and which have been mentioned thousands and thousands times in various media, but the truth is that many people still don’t know exactly what it means and what it represents. We are witnesses to the fact that in recent years, the climate has changed and in the past two months extreme freezing weather has struck Europe, affecting many people. There are many other indicators which tell us how alarming the situation is, for example, polar ice caps melting.

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