Content is everywhere, and it bombards us all day, every day. From the first moment in the morning when we open our eyes and turn on the TV or check our phones for the latest news on social media, to the last moment of the day, when we check it once more just before we go to sleep. We believe we are up to date, and are soaking in a diversity of opinions, but in reality, we are trapped in a ‘filter bubble’.

Can knowledge be bought? Are we facing a complete transformation of the term ''education''? Do we all deserve free access to knowledge?

9/2/2017 - 11:22 am

What Language Do You Think In?

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Since ancient times, people have placed tremendous value on foreign language proficiency, and people who were considered as polyglots have been highly respected. Today’s globalized society calls for a wide range of language knowledge, since it is necessary for jobs, travel, etc. But, have you ever wondered why languages are so important and useful?

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