As the end of 2016 is approaching, most people are reviewing their To-Do lists for this past year. New Year’s resolutions are being prepared; but before we make them, we should first have a reality check. Not to underestimate the importance of other aspects of each individual's life, but the financial status of Millennials is at the top of the list to be reviewed. So let’s examine the pros and cons of the lifestyle of the largest demographic in the world from the aspect of finances. Here are the biggest mistakes that this generation is making financially, with a few tips and tricks about how to avoid them or make their consequences less severe.

There are two things we definitely know about the Millennial generation: they love to travel, and they do things their way. So when you combine these two characteristics with the fact that most Millennials have entered the work force, with incomes rising each year, one has to wonder how this generational shift will affect tourism?

When someone says “social media platform”, the first demographic everyone thinks of is Millennials. This generation is the ultimate social media consumer, they have grown up with the technology of the digital age, and it has become an essential part of their individualities. So, not doubting that the younger generation like Gen Z will also continue this trend, the habits and desires of Millennials are the priorities of social media developers. You ask why? Millennials are currently the biggest demographic in the world, and their buying potential keeps growing with the noted positive effect of social media advertising. According to surveys that are constantly conducted among this generation, here are the ways that social media platforms will develop and adjust in 2017.

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