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World Economic Forum And Millennials

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The World Economic Forum was held in Davos, Switzerland from 17-20th January 2017. As soon as this major global event was announced and planned, the Millennials decided to step in and take over the show. The end result was participation by more than 50 young people at the Davos Forum.

Being young, free, and wild has always come at a price, and that price is somewhat larger in 2017 than it has been in the past. Dealing with student loans, high rents, and unstable labor markets is a challenge every Millennial has to face. The challenge becomes greater if you consider the large number of Millennials who are dealing with a variety of disabilities. So let’s consider just how large these challenges are for this demographic and ask whether modern society is addressing this issue properly and efficiently.≈

The most simple definition of Homo Economicus or the economic man would be that he is a rational person who pursues wealth for his own self-interest. John Stewart Mills defined it as one "who inevitably does that by which he may obtain the greatest amount of necessaries, conveniences, and luxuries, with the smallest quantity of labor and physical self-denial with which they can be obtained."

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