There are many young people who need to get a foot on the job ladder, but the problem is that the current economic climate breeds an abundance of qualified graduates, yet a limited number of graduate vacancies.

When we finally arrived at our destination I had a good spot for shots and a disturbing story to hear. In Muang sub-district, Nong Khai Province we stopped at one of the villages lying between the borders of the main road and the coastline of the river. Locals have built their lives around and in connection with the river, a relation that is threatened due to plans of construction of 11 dams only on the lower stream.

Depression is one of the most common illnesses in today’s world. According to statistics provided by the World Health Organization, over 350 million people around the globe suffer from depression. Another fact comes to us from the Mental Health Foundation: one in four people will experience some kind of mental health problem over the course of each year. It can end fatally, it is exhausting, and it is real. So, why do we ignore it?

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