Taulant Hoxha

Taulant Hoxha

In the era of 'AirBnb' and 'Uber' – enterprises that economists classify as part of the 'sharing economy' – there are travel sites that offer a functionality that is mostly based on online platforms to create spaces for selling services or products. These enterprises aim to connect businesses with market participants, not necessarily through physical activity, and of course this way of doing business is becoming more and more attractive to creative young people, and is helping them to find the innovative ideas that will fill the gaps in their everyday lives. And the guys who are the subject of this article are among these creative young adults. Raised and educated in Switzerland and Germany, they are working hard to impress the world with a very interesting and cool idea named 'Locamba'

Scotland is a country with a very rich history of innovation, but it hasn’t stopped there, and the surge of recent successful entrepreneurial endeavours proves that. This latest trends has made the region one of the hottest tech startup hubs in the world. Scotland 'earned' this attribute thanks to the talented and determined entrepreneurs all over the country, and these that we have listed here will prove this attribute. Get inspired and motivated by their great work and impact.

If we say that Hong Kong's start-ups ecosystem is growing, this is  an absolute understatement! The most suitable description is if we say it's booming. As everyday more and more success stories of new start-ups pile up. Thus Hong Kong is beginning to stake its claim as one of Asia's hottest start-up hubs. And the listing of some of these start-ups in this article, is just a sneak peek of that boom we mentioned before.
In a country which is shaped by the biggest civilizations since the antiquity, geographically located in between the Europe and Africa and having French language as an official language are just the few advantages of young tunisians who are creating great start-ups, ones that easily can be replicated almost in any country around the world. 
Here is a list of seven start-ups from Tunisia, it is more a list which represents the start-up environment of Tunisia rather any sort of competition which is the best one or the most-innovative one. Get inspired and motivated by their hard work and creativity.
Being on the list of Top20 in the world and Top10 in Europe, as the start-up hub - for sure the Netherlands deserves it, the Dutch start-up culture is on it's peak and as it seems there isn't any sign that it will slow down the trend. The number of start-ups in Netherlands is massive and everyday is growing, which made our listing very difficult, but we tried to bring here a representation of general start-up scene from the Netherlands.

As the world is experiencing the biggest refugee crisis since the WW II, all coutries are tackling this crisis in different ways - some of them being more generous, meanwhile some others not willing to do their part. However, some people try to do even more than countries. Former Portuguese President Jorge Sampaios, launched very interesting initiative to help young refugees get back on their studies. And each of you can give your contribution.

Andreu World, a Spanish company operating in the field of production and sale of designer tables and chairs in contemporary and avant-garde styles, offers an opportunity for young designers all over the world to participate at 15th Andreau World international contest. Subjects for this competition are chairs and/or tables, as you may guess. Deadline to apply is November 30.

The UK has a very thriving start-up scene, having one of the main 'Financial Centres' of the world as a capital city, as well as being one of the top-destinations with the some of the best universtities in the world, for sure the potential and the space for launching new ideas and start-ups may be way much easier , adding here the industrial and technological tradition that 'The Island' have for sure makes sense why it is listed as one of the main Start-up Hubs of the world. Here we have listed 7 from the long-list of start-ups that are taking the scene of start-up culture in the UK.

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Young Peacebuilders Forum

Young Peacebuilders Forum 2015 will be held from 11th to 15th of November in Hague, the Netherlands. Deadline to apply is Tuesday September 22.

As many countries around the world, Taiwan is also rapidly becoming one of the most vibrant start-up scenes in Asia. With the support of many governmental initiatives, strong engineering talent, world class hardware producers, and the Taiwanese entrepreneurial spirit a bright future is ahead of Asian island-country. This list of some of the most interesting Taiwanese start-ups is a tribute to the innovative startups that are proud of their roots.

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