Bojana Bogdanovska

Bojana Bogdanovska

Bojana Bogdanovska is a creative writer. She has a Bachelor’s degree in General and Comparative Literature and Spanish language and a Master’s degree in International Business and Foreign languages (English and Spanish). She is currently working as a freelancer on several projects.

A labyrinth represents a mix of roads, some of which are dead-end; blind roads among which we should choose in order to come to the center of an unusual spider web. The maze allows us access the center via a kind of initiation journey and prevents access to those who do not deserve it, as confirmed by its connection to the cave. In that sense, I would compare the labyrinth with a mandala that sometimes looks like a maze.

Co se stalo s literaturou?

Ústředním záměrem literatury dneška je šokovat. Ohromit. Zabavit na pár hodin. Nic víc. Nic trvalého, nic nadčasového, a zejména nic, co by stálo za řeč. Vyprázdněná šeď, kdekým chrlená s vidinou slávy. Umění? Sotva.

We have all read articles about how students can get the most out of high school, and we know how parents can help their kids get through this problematic period. But what today’s teachers do to survive high school?


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