Enlightened Brands

Enlightened Brands are brands that take meaningful action to improve both individual lives and the world. They are restless. They are in search of new ways to make the world a better place. They hold themselves to higher standards of fairness and responsibility. They are empathetic. They understand their customers’ pain points and work to make their lives easier, better and more fun. Enlightened Brands are also demanding. They push consumers to become the people they want to be.

The thin line between right and wrong when companies collect user data to make a profit and more. For people who have smart-phones, apps are a big part of their everyday lives. Facebook, Google Maps and Skype all collect user data. Everyone who has a Facebook account, for example, has agreed to a certain set of guidelines. Few read the guidelines that describe exactly how the company collects data and how they analyze and use it.

The Future of Food

Technology has opened up whole new worlds for humanity. It has drastically changed the way we live our everyday lives. However, when it comes to the way we buy our food, this process has more or less remained the same. But for how long?

Italy has a very interesting and unique start-up scene, the combination of manufacture tradition with the newest technological trends and last but not least adding the flavor of Italian creativity, without any doubt the final product it's going to be wonderful one. Listed below we are bringing to you just a piece of the huge 'cake' of the Italian start-up scene.

All that glitters is not gold. It seems that this proverb can be easily applied to the case of Apple Watch, as well as other questionable inventions introduced by global corporations.

The World Summit Youth Award is the stage where young people shed light on how technology can be used to address real issues and develop concrete solutions. This year, 18 Winners were selected out of 1896 applications from 138 UN & UNESCO member states. These projects represent the best youth technology projects in six categories.

There is a new trend in town and it’s called #socialcurrency. It’s a concept which allows customers to connect their social media accounts and pay in-store according to their friend and fan following. Social Currency is especially popular in pop-up shops. It allows social media influencers to exchange promotion for sizable discounts.

Facebook has officially extended its operations outside the United States. The tech giant recently announced the opening of an artificial intelligence lab in Paris, the third one, after New York and Silicon Valley.

Imagine a service that could bring you anything you want, no questions asked. Magic is an app that does just that. By sending a text along with your request, it is possible to get (almost) anything done for a price. Magic is one of many innovations that are fueling the new on-demand urban economy.

Day by day we are discovering how the brain works, the reason of changing it, developing an artificial brain is almost becoming a reality rather than staying always as fictional idea of scientists. Technology is advancing rapidly in the field for thought-controlling, mind reading, and artificial intelligence is nowadays developing with us and becoming sophisticated daily.


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