Since the beginning of the time, treasures have been a very exciting topic, necessarily associated with a great dose of mystery. Even more is this true for treasures that, at many different times and under many different circumstances, have outright disappeared.  Speculation about them is always accompanied by questions or doubts. What are the missing treasures of today? Read on.

Although the astronomical winter has not officially started yet, the temperature outside definitely affirms the arrival of cold weather. For those who like maintaining a lively scene outside the window in the winter, we have an idea - get a bird feeder. Here are some options, including a tip and a guide for an individual do-it-yourself project.

Uganda, Luganda, Buganda – a rhyming trio which describes the capital region of Uganda. Kampala – Uganda‘s capital city – grew from the Buganda Kingdom, today a subnational region surrounding the capital. The area is definitely worth visiting. Luganda, on the other hand is one of the major languages spoken among the people who live in the south of Uganda in the territories nearest to the capital city.  Having travelled across the entire country, we end our Uganda Tour in Kampala, where we began.

The Most Iconic Roads

All roads lead to Rome, they say. Whether that is the truth is a matter for each and every one of us to consider.  What is certainly the truth is that there are genuinely iconic roads in this world, and not just the universally known Route 66. Which are they? Check them out in today´s photogallery.

Cairo - the city that never sleeps. Sitting on the banks of the Nile River, Cairo is a witness to Egypt‘s ancient history and conveys a never-ending energy. In case you have a brief stopover in Cairo, here is a guide to what you shouldn´t miss.


You could read how we tracked the lions in the very first part of „Tour of Uganda I.“. Needless to say, the lions were the proverbial icing on the cake. However, elephants, hippos, crocodiles, wild pigs, monkeys, birds, Ugandan kob and crested crane – all symbols of Uganda – crossed our path while we traveled through the country. Among the most stunning of the Ugandan species, though, were surprisingly the zebras. Their stripes, which by the way are as uniquely individual as human finger prints, were quite breathtaking. Today's photo gallery is dedicated to Ugandan wildlife.

Monuments By Their Colors

If you are uncertain about which category of monuments would be worth visiting, you could narrow the field by visiting the colourful ones. Doesn't that sound right to you?  Colourful buildings do have a couple of advantages to consider. First, not too many of them are famous, therefore your trip will be quite original. Second, the pictures of these brightly colored monuments will be simply perfect.

It has been some time since our last movie quiz, so here is a new one. This time we will check your knowledge of movie locations. Some of these places are so unique that the link with the movies they served will immediately come to you. For easier recollection there are usually two photos for each movie. Explore our gallery of film locations and you can compare your results in Friday's movie picks.

For all those who want to try a brand new experience on October 31, this Halloween you might consider visiting one of the reportedly haunted places around the world. Haunted or paranormal places are often connected with unfortunate events, such as murders, and it is an individual question whether you believe the stories are real or figments of someone‘s imagination. The best is to judge for yourself.

Irreplaceable Kitchen Wrap

Kitchen wrap, Saran wrap or Cling film - all of these refer to one of the best inventions that ever entered the market. The thin, adhesive, and elastic plastic film that smoothly adheres to almost every material has a multitude of uses beyond wrapping up your sandwich. Have you thought of these uses for kitchen wrap before?


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