Some of those who come to Kosovo (or Kosova, as the locals refer to it) for the first time, at the beginning of their experience of the local culture may think of the idiom: Other countries, other customs. We have prepared a list of the things that make up the tiny, little culture shocks of this place for the one or the other. The people of Kosovo just do things differently in their everyday lives and here is how.

It hasn't ever been much easier than nowadays to access information about opportunities to develop your career. There may be dozens of online platforms offering daily updates on opportunities for every need. In this article Youth Time regular contributor Taulant Hoxha listed just few of these that are most useful as from his personal experiences and also his friends.
We are continuing with the series of articles called as #MustUse online tools, and this week's overview is focused on photography. Below you will find listed some of the best and most useful online platforms for photography in every possible aspect.

Having someone to look up to, whether we're talking about a living person from our surroundings, or someone that we never met, or even someone from the history – is important in various ways. Having healthy role models bears a great significance in the process of growing up because humans are naturally hardwired to imitate behaviour and to learn from other people's actions. Observing the actions of others helps us to understand what behaviour is desirable, and what kind of actions create consequences that we can see as beneficial, both for us and for others.

This is the third and final part of the Interview with a Polyglot Series conducted with Italian polyglot and language coach Luca Lampariello. In this part Luca explains the advantages of self-directed learning and the possibilities it offers. He also tells us about how to develop our personalities with every language we learn.

Imagine…you were given an assignment with a few days to complete and you hit a wall! You ran out of ideas, your brain is drained. You don’t know where to start, your mind is getting distracted very fast and you can’t seem to focus on the task. Your boss or teacher certainly won’t be pleased with that. You are in desperate need of inspiration.

The number of accredited business schools offering fully online MBA programs has grown significantly in recent years. More students choose to pursue their MBA online because of the flexibility, affordability, diversity, access to innovative technologies and global opportunities these programs offer. In this article you will find the list of best of them.

This is part II of the Interview with a Polyglot Series presented by Youth Time magazine. In this part Luca Lampariello tells us about language and life: how languages can make us happier people while living our lives to the fullest. He also reveals his learning techniques and the phases he goes through while learning languages.

In this overview we prepared for you cool websites that will make you smile or will provide you with amazing and interesting facts. Enjoy!

An idea of a stable office job can either excite or frighten you, and if you are frightened then you probably have already thought of freelancing. Working from home, or from wherever you are at that given moment, looks like a seemingly easy thing to do; however, only a small minority of people manages to succeed in it.


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