Teodora Stojšin

Teodora Stojšin

Teodora’s biggest passion is travelling. She has been living in six different countries so far. Teodora holds a master's degree in Communication studies and the bachelor's degree in Journalism.

Stand-up is becoming more and more popular all over the world, and a lot of venues hold "open mic" events where those who want to perform for the audience can try their luck. Stand-up comedy is now taking hold in Central and Eastern Europe, and we wonder therefore what it takes to be a stand-up comedian there? Is it true that they can live by performing just a few days in a month? How long does it take to work up the jokes, and is it hard to prepare the jokes and not to offend anyone at the same time? We have spoken about this and a lot of other stereotypes about stand-up with a stand-up comedian, Siavash Alaghmandan Motlagh. He is originally from Iran, but he lives in Slovakia, and speaking for himself he says that he is extremely forgetful, he lacks focus, and he is amazed by the wonders of life on planet earth.

We have all heard about vegetarians and vegans, but there are many kinds of veganism, such as raw veganism, which has become more and more popular across the world. Raw veganism excludes all products which come from animals and also any food which is cooked above 48°C. This diet includes raw vegetables, fruits, nuts, grain, herbs, mushrooms, fresh juices, etc. Vegans believe that cooking destroys the micronutrients and hold that cooking is dangerous.

Dorotea Santo is a freelance photographer based in Novi Sad, Serbia, but her photographs are taken in all parts of the world. She studied applied photography in Serbia at the same time the she volunteered in 8 projects. Up to the present time she has had around 20 exhibitions, she has gotten 2 awards, and she has participated in the Noah project. In this interview she explains what it actually means to be a freelancer, how your regular day or weekend looks, and why it is so important to be online in this job. She also answers questions about how she manages to stand out from the crowd, how to survive without a salary before you get recognized, and she offers tips for newbie freelancers. 

Getting Things Done (GTD) is a productivity method which, briefly explained, helps you to handle all of the tasks of each day. GTD techniques seem complicated at first glance, but the main goal is to spend less time doing things you need to do so you can have more time for the things you want to do. There is no rigid, right way to practice GTD – there are just tips about how to do it. At the end of the day, however, you must be the one who decides how to turn theory into practice.

Is blogging a job for real, or is that just a myth? How much time do you need to become successful in this field? Those questions are always around, but they are not the only questions. The prejudices about the ideal of living from blogging are present there as well. For that reason, we spoke with a successful blogger, Aleksandra Petrovski, who clarified for our readers many things about blogging and earning money from blogging.

Fear is often the main reason why young people don’t make life changes. There are theories which hold that leaving the comfort zone is recommended when you are young because the longer you wait, the more difficult it can be to make changes. Many young people change cities, countries, or even continents because of their studies or jobs; and yet all people must keep in mind that leaving behind a previous life can be difficult and hard. It is important to be aware that this doesn’t mean that the next life changes will be easy, but it means that the challenges will be, at least, easier.

Global warming and climate change are issues which have been present for more than a half century and which have been mentioned thousands and thousands times in various media, but the truth is that many people still don’t know exactly what it means and what it represents. We are witnesses to the fact that in recent years, the climate has changed and in the past two months extreme freezing weather has struck Europe, affecting many people. There are many other indicators which tell us how alarming the situation is, for example, polar ice caps melting.

Since colleges and universities can be expensive and can take too much time, many people would rather choose online courses for popular occupations such as IT or marketing. Many of these online students find jobs soon they finish their courses. Even if online courses often can’t be compared with college and university degrees, still many people choose to get any knowledge they can via the internet rather than no knowledge at all.

The City of Budapest is comprised of two parts – Buda and Pest – and those parts are connected with nine incredible bridges. Buda is situated on hills and is located on the right bank of the Danube. In Buda there is a Citadel, which you can see from other parts of the city, and also Gellért Hill, the Royal Palace, etc. Opposite Buda, Pest is in the plain, on the Danube’s left bank, and there you can find the famous Parliament, St.Stephen’s Basilica, spas, Váci Street, Heroes’ Square, etc.

Romania is a country with a remarkable history of achievement: the country with the tallest statue in Europe (the statue of King Decebal); and the country of educated doctors who have changed the world for the better by discovering insulin, various vaccines, a test for cancer, and many other helpful innovations. Romania is also a country of folklore, friendly people, spectacular mountain scenery, and rural life. You can learn many things about Romania in the article Reasons Why You Should Visit Timisoara and Feel Romanian Culture, but it is a fact that Romania is best known as the country of Transylvania, Dracula, and castles.

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