Today's article about e-Learning will be slightly different than usual. This time founder and CEO of MoocLab Carolyn McIntyre is talking about her project, e-Learning, providing tips for students and much more.

In the last two articles we talked about MOOC platform and we created introduction to e-Learning system. Now it's time to make short overview of the best MOOC providers, and to highlight their pros and cons.

Japanese government announced full undergraduate, master and PHD scholarships for universities across Japan. Programs are available to international students from all over the world. Hurry up to apply.

The value of a summer school does not end with a myriad of benefits such as lively social life or preparedness for one’s professional life. It has positive repercussions on a person’s career, which is instantly injected with vigour.

This is the third and final part of the Interview with a Polyglot Series conducted with Italian polyglot and language coach Luca Lampariello. In this part Luca explains the advantages of self-directed learning and the possibilities it offers. He also tells us about how to develop our personalities with every language we learn.

The number of accredited business schools offering fully online MBA programs has grown significantly in recent years. More students choose to pursue their MBA online because of the flexibility, affordability, diversity, access to innovative technologies and global opportunities these programs offer. In this article you will find the list of best of them.

In this interview, language coach and expert Luca Lampariello, a remarkable polyglot from Rome who mastered eleven languages, tells us how he succeeded in teaching himself languages and in using them to live a better life.

University of Denver (Colorado, USA) offers partly funded summer program for students who want to improve their English language skills. Deadline to apply May 25th.

In the last article, I've written that I had my first experiences with Massive Open Online Courses back in 2012. Well MOOC, have been present since 2004, but went viral, or popular in 2012, when edX and Coursera presented their online e-Learning platform for wider audience.

The World University Rankings made a research and came up with the list of the most international university in the World. Europe obviously leads.


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