Ten years ago, Berlin’s former mayor Klaus Wowereit declared that the city is poor, but sexy. After tons of patience and support from German Chancellor Angela Merkel, it seems that Berlin is in full blossom.

A revolutionary technology that is still being developed intends to be part of the most brilliant technologies in the world. This is a process that turns 2D designs into and actual three-dimensional objects like toys, computer chip, models for your project, etc. The 3D printer aside from printing these utilities, it also finds a great usage in biotechnology, and a very promising technique to create complex cells and organic materials that help the organic engineering develop even more, by also replacing the missing parts of the body.

In just over five years, there will be over 30 billion devices connected to the web. The majority of these devices won’t be a smartphone, tablet or computer. As everything from home appliances to entire city systems begin to come online, we are moving into the era of the Real World Web.

Half electronic dance party, and half social experiment, a unique, interactive, hybrid event made waves at last year’s SXSW Festival in Austin, Texas (USA). It was called the “Bioreactive Concert” and explored how science and technology can be used to throw an epic dance party.

You might not think that programming is an art, but programming is a very creative profession which takes you deep into the beauty of logic-based creativity.

As freelancers are their own bosses, self-organization and discipline are key elements for success when it comes to daily tasks. Here are 6 apps that are designed to help those who freelance or work from home be more organized and battle procrastination.

People are aspirational. We want to be healthy, well-educated, knowledgeable, creative and ethical. We want to do good, but not just for ‘goodness sake’ ’we also want our good behavior to be rewarded. The solution? Currency of Change, a combination of new technologies which offer compelling rewards that help customers become the people they want to be.

There are so many games for smart phones, but most of them do not require any kind physical activity. Google launched an app called Ingress that changes the understanding of interactive gaming and brings people out of screen to reality. Youth Time met with two players of the game Vladimir Stankovic and Miroslav Markovic to find out more.

Today nearly everything that surrounds us is programmed. Starting from even the microwave and numerous appliances in our homes. So maybe it is time not  just play a game, but make one?

From Smartbed to universal tracker and tablet with independent OS. We collected  the top 5 picks of cool tech inventions presented on Indiegogo.


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