A landscaper can comprise of being a specialized landscaping architect, a landscaping designer or one can go all the way by becoming a comprehensive landscaper armed with the knowledge of the right plants, trees, soils, the right season for planting and sowing, design and use of equipment.

Compared to working with airlines, fewer individuals think of working on cruise ships and extremely few women actually join cruis lines.

East Asian universities may seem to be a Wonderland when it comes to natural sciences, engineering, and high-tech in general. What most student populations usually do not consider are the high quality, successful departments of social sciences and humanities that the Asian sub-region offers. If we make a comparison with most of the European top Universities (for example Heidelberg in Germany and Krakow in Poland), we will notice significant differences in the approach towards fields of study like Sociology, Political Science, Law, etc. This certainly doesn’t diminish the significance of the East Asian University environment, it actually makes it more exotic than is commonly understood.

You don’t have to be aiming for the Everest if you want to be a mountain guide. There are mountains all over the world and most countries need mountain guides. The profession also happens to be well paying in addition to filling your wants and desires for adventure.

Probably you have heard about the so-called East Asian “tiger moms”, who push their children, make them pursue their goals, and don’t recognize “I can’t” as a valid response. In the case of South Korea, the system is not warm-and-fuzzy when it comes to education, as is the case in more flexible Finland, with whom this tiger country shares the top spot. There is certainly no universal educational system which works for every culture and mentality. However, thanks to PISA (Programme for International Student Assessment) results we can observe that these two diametrically opposite systems have something in common: persistence and hard work, which got them both out of potential crises.

Ever fantasize about being born a mermaid or meeting one when you were little? You can actually be one. Wearing the costume, mingling with children and sea life, you can live out your fantasy. It is an unusual and very exciting job. Check out our video.


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