Maybe these are the words some people will hear in 10 or 20 years if they try to apply for the jobs we see all around us today. IT development and globalization will take many of these positions off the market. We have made a list of the careers most likely to disappear and what lies behind it.

At the beginning of March, the President of the Youth Time International Movement, Julia Kinash, announced on her FB that YT is launching a new project. It will be an interactive network of experts who will share their experiences, tips, and tactics on various topics with young people all over the world. In this article Mrs. Kinash unveils some insights including how it is possible to be part of the project either as an expert or a listener. t

Decades after Mahatma Ghandi coined the phrase: “Let’s be the change we wish to see in the future”, that citation is being used to make a difference in the lives of young Namibians. The Namibia National Youth Council has taken the initiative of fostering change amongst the youth of Namibia by implementing various projects designed to create employment.

For the past four years we had structure: school, work, and study. We had professors, mentors, and fellow students holding our hands along the path to our diplomas. Now most of us have moved back home and are on our own. Our clubs have new presidents, no more exams to study for, and we’re stuck with the sense that someone is going to come along to help us. The truth is, there is no guarantee that someone will.

After years-long consultations, ministers of home affairs and justice of the EU countries came to an agreement on common entrance and residency rules for non-EU students and researchers, which will significantly liberalize travel and mobility for young people from non-EU countries.

Young people and the actual job market demonstrate that there is a need to meet the dreams and the wishes of both sides; if you look at the topic deeper you will find that the perfect (or almost perfect) balance occurs when the employer’s needs and the candidate’s skills line up.


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