With increasing restrictions and tougher English language requirements, the number of international students in the UK is likely to continue to drop which could result in significant negative impact on the British economy.

Most of you have probably heard of the TED talks. Jeremy Donovan is a man who discovered his true passion very early in life and has devoted his time and effort to exploring the science of human communication. He asked himself: what makes a good speaker and a high quality speech? Why do people sink their teeth into some ideas more than others? How to generate good ideas and how to spread them? He has summed up his knowledge and conclusions in an interesting book called How to Deliver a TED Talk.

This article is the third in a four part mini-series called ‘Become a Pro in the Hot Seat at the Job Interview’, prepared by Shea Ki founder of Upgrade My Interview™especially for YT magazine. This time you will discover the most frequently made interview rookie mistakes to avoid before, during, and after your job interview.

We often see horrible pictures and read stories about exhausted children who are forced to work all day long for a few coins. Child labor engulfs millions of children. However, we are used to thinking that this problem belongs exclusively to the third world. That is not quite so. Dig a bit into history, and it becomes clear that “fat childhood” came to developed countries relatively recently. Read here, for example, how your childhood would have looked in the UK just 150 years ago.

IYLC opened applications for annual conference in Prague. The event will be held from 3rd of January to 8th of January 2016. Young people from around the world will meet to sharpen their leadership skills to tackle global issues. Deadline to apply is December 15th.

It is hard to write. Your grammar must be perfect, your vocabulary must be comprehensive, and you must spell as if you had won every spelling bee. So, to make it easier we have made a list of five sites which will help you to write better and faster.


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