Who or what forms our opinion regarding the events that are happening around us? We cogitate about that quite often, but we rarely put our conclusions to a test, somehow believing that our judgments occur naturally on the basis of brain activity.

For most people, getting an education means getting diploma. But what if the traditional process is only the very tip of a huge ice-berg?

Fred Burks served for eighteen years as a high level translator for several American Presidential administrations specializing in Indonesian and Mandarin Chinese. Following 9/11 and the advent of the global War on Terror he became recognized as a crucial asset in the Bush administrations’ dealings with Indonesia, the worlds’ most populous Muslim country.

Christmas season in Europe has officially started. Hundreds of markets, catering to every taste and every wallet, fill the Old World. This year we offer a look behind the curtain of the tourist industry and travel to the towns and villages where the Christmas markets are held for locals and the Christmas spirit is celebrated with something beyond hard currency in mind.


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