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17/8/2017 - 1:34 pm

Things Not to Throw Away

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When it comes to throwing things away, I always face a dilemma when deciding whether an item will be of any use anytime soon. My father used to say that we would soon have to build an extra house for the spare items. I don't think the situation is that serious, but the combination of environmental issues and simple pity for used things makes me want to find a suitable use for many things that others would throw away. My credo, though, is to use them "once and enough" before they finally land in a trash bin, to prevent turning our home into a warehouse.

Any given word in one language can mean something quite different in another language. Mostly these are just innocent differences in meaning, but here and there some of the differences can create embarrassing situations if the nuances are overlooked. In one instance, a brand was introduced in a new foreign market and not only failed, but had to be removed from all the shelves because the brand name had a double meaning which happened to be vulgar and inappropriate in the country of introduction. Check it out.

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