24/11/2017 - 4:00 pm

Voices From The Cartoons

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Cartoon characters have conquered the film industry, and a good deal of their success belongs to the well-chosen voices that bring their characters to life. Famous names have served as cartoon voices, and today´s weekend movie tips are all about the well known names behind the characters in the cartoons. Sit back and listen carefully.

Since the beginning of the time, treasures have been a very exciting topic, necessarily associated with a great dose of mystery. Even more is this true for treasures that, at many different times and under many different circumstances, have outright disappeared.  Speculation about them is always accompanied by questions or doubts. What are the missing treasures of today? Read on.

Today we break new ground by introducing places which not only are not recommended for tourists, but most travelers wouldn't dare set foot on them. Why? Because each and every one is dangerous in its own way.  Check them out.

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