Flying has never been easier. Buy a ticket, get to the airport, embark, take off, land...With the extreme airports around the world, though, you will get a bit of an extra thrill and a nice little dose of adrenalin. These airports don't belong to the category of being noteworthy, just for nothing. Very short runways or mountains in close range and even a main road crossing the runway. Would it tempt you to travel to these destinations? You can check it out in our gallery.

Our sleep determines our true personality, scientists believe. And why not?  After all,  it is often our unwitting actions that speak more than words. Apart from the psychological insight  there are also health factors.  So in which of these sleeping positions do you recognise yourself?

When it comes to the human body, its  perfect form and the precision of functioning amaze all of us. But when it comes to the body in numbers, it quite astonishing, as well.  An average 590 miles of hair grown on your head during  your lifetime will surprise you.

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