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Amusing Animal's Gestures

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Shocking / Photo: Tambako The Jaguar Shocking / Photo: Tambako The Jaguar

Animals are the best, and our Photo Gallery shows some of the most unforgettable expressions and gestures from the animal kingdom. Check out the best of them.

Totally uninterested / Photo: Tambako The Jaguar

Pure love / Photo: Berita Gadget

Wrong timing / Photo: Nigel

Etiquette lessons / Photo: Umberto Salvagnin

Yes Master, I will follow your orders! / Photo: Tambako The Jaguar

Shocking / Photo: Tambako The Jaguar

Surprised / Photo: Rob Oo

Shocked / Photo: jenny downing

Not Human??? Seeing her reflection... / Photo: DerbyDog1

It's always better on the other side / Photo: William Murphy

Head over heels / Photo: Andy Morffew

Swan having fun / Photo: Jevgenijs Slihto

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