Martina Advaney

Martina Advaney

Martina is a designer with many years of experience, she writes articles on varied subjects and also conducts interviews.


Movies that relate in some way to cooking are always popular.  Following up on the selection of „Movies for Cookery Lovers“ that we presented to  you some time back, we now present weekend movie picks that offer you an entire menu, starting with the soup followed by  a main course and of course a dessert, plus an extra surprise.  Your upcoming weekend can be like a series of scenes from the movies.

On a September morning we woke up early to follow the path of the lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park. This series of articles will take you on our safari to Uganda in the form of a  photogallery accompanied by short narrative fragments. The weather was not exactly favourable to us, since a slow but persistent rain was falling. We managed to spot other animals, but nowhere did we catch a glimpse of the lions.  Then, when the rain finally stopped, we got lucky.  At last, a golden silhouette was approaching from afar.

Raw or cooked? The question is about vegetables. While discussions continue about whether to cook or not, or if cooking, then for how long, it must be noted that there are certain types of vegetables that require heat treatment. Why? Find out for yourself.

Munich’s Oktoberfest 2017 is over, and as the official website of the event notes, there are only 339 days left before next year‘s festival.  Now you can see the atmosphere of this traditional beer celebration through the eyes of this year’s visitors.

According to extensive research, Monday is considered by many to be the saddest day of the week. To change these unhappy statistics, here are ten positive and satisfying quotes that will help you to get through Monday with a more cheerful approach.

There are movies where the female and male leads find no chemistry between themselves. Some go even further down the road to hate each other in a real life. Nothing of that sort plays out in our weekend movie picks, though. These couples interact well enough for directors to cast them repeatedly as a couples in their films. Plenty to watch and compare at the weekend.

There are loads of facts that are not a matter of daily speculation. Things that we are not actively thinking about, simply because they are not crucial. And when we come across them, there is the inevitable "Ahaa, it didn't occur to me" moment. Did you know these?

Meike Bartels is University Research Chair and Professor of Genetics and Well-being in the Department of Biological Psychology at VU University, Amsterdam. After an internship at the Queensland institute of Medical Research in Brisbane, Australia, she graduated in Psychology at the VU University. Her master’s degree is in Physiological Psychology, with a special focus on Behavioral Genetics. She obtained her PhD degree in 2003, and the title of her thesis was “Behavior Problems, Cognition, and Hormones.” We are pleased to have scheduled an exclusive interview with her.

11/10/2017 - 4:00 pm

Least Traveled Destinations

It is wonderful to experience the glitter and glory of the top tourist spots. On the other hand, the advantage of the least visited places is obvious. Since the number of tourists hardly exceeds a hundred thousand a year at secondary locations, the odds of crawling through crowds of people who have had the idea of coming at the exact same time are next to nil. Check out the most infrequently visited holiday destinations.

Millennials have been linked to many strange attributes.  In addition to technology addiction, there is also a preoccupation with convenience. And that might be one of the themes of the peculiarities that permeate Millenial vocabulary. As shown by the following examples, shortening has surely become The Thing for the era following the turn of the millenium.

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