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Dishes from the Campfire

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Cooking on Campfire Cooking on Campfire

An old saying states that food tastes best when eaten outdoors. And any return to the roots of our ancestors, who ate their meals by open fires each day, has a certain charm, as do the camping and campfires that they knew. What can be cooked on a campfire without using the traditional grill you will read all about it in this article.

Roasted sausage and bacon on sticks

Grilled fish

Roasted pig

Creamy soup

Eggs and sausages prepared on coals

Stew pot outdoor goulash

Shish kebabs grilled on an open fire

Potatoes cooked in an aluminium foil on the charcoal...

...and the final result - cooked potatoes

Cooking pilaf on an open fire

And finally something warm to drink - herbal tea prepared on the campfire

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