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Foods That Aid Us In Losing Weight

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Unless there’s an underlying glandular problem, it’s our lifestyle that makes us gain weight. Some of us choose to eat when we are stressed while others shop. So, probably shopping is the healthier option unless we choose to shop for unhealthy foods. Here are some of the foods that not only add to making our eating habits healthier but are also affordable and they certainly help us lose those unwanted kilos.

Beans. This humble food is not just packed with fiber and protein but greatly adds to a feeling of being full.

Sweet Potatoes. Another affordable source of fiber and packed with a wide range of essential vitamins and minerals.

Apples. What is one to say about this fruit. Highly recommended. They not only aid in losing help but are a great food for healthy lungs.

Broccoli. Apart from helping towards weight loss, here’s an essential food, actually a super food that must be added to our diet.

Green Tea. Add this one to your diet. Just don’t overdo it. Usually not recommended over 2 cups a day.

Eggs and Egg Whites. So long as you keep them simply poached or boiled rather than have them as eggs benedict or omelettes fried in butter, you’ve got a winner here.

Green leafy vegetables. Not only for losing weight, these should be an essential part of your diet.

Salmon. Surely wild salmon should be the choice but the cultivated variety also packs a punch of health benefits in addition to help weight loss.

Avocado. Unlike most fruits this is one that is packed with essential fats along with vitamins, while being very low in carbohydrates. The essential fats found in avocado are the same as in olives.

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