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Funny Idioms

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Blessing in disguise Blessing in disguise

First of all - what are idioms? Idioms are established groups of words carrying certain meanings which differ from the literal translation. In other words, a native speaker often doesn´t even refer to them as idioms, because they come to him/her naturally. It is only while learning English as a second language that idioms create quite a confusion in one´s head. When you closely look at them, you can discover their funny meaning.

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Blessing in disguise
Something good that isn't recognized at first.

Costs an arm and a leg
Something that is very expensive

Elvis has left the building
The show is over

Last straw
No tolerance left. 

Once in a blue moon
It almost never happens

Piece of cake
Something that is very simple

Steal someone's thunder
Taking credit for somebody´s work

Taste of your own medicine
When the same is done to you what you have done to others

Storm in a Teacup
Making an issue of something minor

Pardon my French
Pardon my bad language (swear words)

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