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New Christmas Decorations

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Christmas Decoration Christmas Decoration

Believe it or not, the custom of decorating Christmas trees is close to four centuries old. The tree was initially hung from the ceiling upside down, then later placed into a stand shaped like a cross with the tip to the top and trimmed with available decorations made from such materials as wood, paper, corn, straw, dough... The ornaments hanging from the tree have clearly changed since those days, and so has the diversity of the auxiliary decoration. Get inspired.

A dining table - 3 different ideas

Complere guide for an Advent wreath here

A carp scale is an important detail under each plate - it is believed it ensures good income for next year

Window decorations

Who says tulips do not contribute towards Christmas decoration?

Made from paper or window foil, landscapes and snowflakes create a good winter atmosphere

A ball made from pine cones  

Outdoor Decorations

And finally the Christmas Tree

How about going non traditional this year - upside down Christmas tree

Photos: Martina Advaney 

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