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The Greenest Parts Of The World

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Environmental issues are on a regular watch now. It’s no wonder, along with the most poluted places in the world, the most envoronmentally friendly economies are also now being ranked. Here are some of the greenest places on Earth.

Switzerland / photo

Aurora borealis, Finland / photo

Although Switzerland and Finland are known for being environmentally friendly countries, it may come as a surprise that it’s some of the developing nations such as Bhutan, Costa Rica are among the greenest places on the planet. Costa Rica sets the pace with 94 percent of its energy requirements being generated through green sources and some of the communities take it a step further by living in tree houses, growing their own vegetables and managing their waste through natural means. 

Paro valley in Bhutan / photo

Bhutan along with its happiness index which is considered the highest in the world, manages its resources admirably. Most of their energy requirement comes from hydroelectric power and a major part of the forests are protected. Though not economically well off the people in this Himalayan country are actually among the most satisfied in the world.

While public LED lighting has become a bone of contention and has created enough hysteria in the US where some of the states have decided cut down on LED lighting, due to suspicions that they may cause cancer, LED lighting as a paradox, has contributed towards Brazil being rated as one of the most environmentally friendly countries.

Rwanda, Uruguay and Iceland are among the most environmentally friendly countries in the world as well.

Banana fields near Lake Kivu in Rwanda / photo

In Rwanda the friendliness towards the environment takes on a new dimension where, once a week, every citizen, irrespective of his or her status, goes out to clean as a public service.

Fortaleza Santa Tereza, Uruguay / photo

Uruguay while known for the beautiful coast and forests qualifies as one of the greenest countries due to a major part of its energy requirement being generated through natural sources.

The Ring Road, Iceland / photo

Iceland on the other hand is gifted with geo thermal and hydro resources. They use these resources wisely and generate 100 percent of their power requirements through these two.

Well, so it’s not just the developed nations but also some of the developing nations that are leading the way to keeping the planet green for the generations to come.

Surely not co-incidently, the greenest nations are also among the most beautiful countries to visit.

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