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The Longest Road Tunnels In The World

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Lærdal Tunnel / Photo: Shutterstock Lærdal Tunnel / Photo: Shutterstock

There is an old joke which trivialises the building of tunnels. In a nutshell, it states that the construction of a tunnel starts from two points and the idea is, of course, to meet in the middle. And if not, then there is the option of having two tunnels.  Transportation via tunnel is not as new as one might think. The first road tunnel was built 76 - 77 AD for the Via Flaminia at the Furlo Pass in the Apennines.  Which are the longest road tunnels? Continue reading.

Lærdal Tunnel connecting Lærdal, Norway - 24.51km. Opened 2000.

Lærdal Tunnel / Photo: Shutterstock

Yamate Tunnel, Tokyo, Japan - 18.2 km. Opened March 7, 2015.

Yamate Tunnel Walk, Tokyo / Photo: ajari

Zhongnanshan Tunnel (Qinling Zhongnanshan Tunnel), China -18,04 km. Opened December 22 , 2007.

Gotthard Road Tunnel, Switzerland - 16.9 km. Opened September 5, 1980.

Gotthard Road Tunnel / Photo: Shutterstock

Arlberg Road Tunnel, Austria - 13,976. Opened 1978.

Hsuehshan Tunnel, Taiwan - 12.942 km. Opened June 16, 2006.

Fréjus Road Tunnel connecting France and Italy - 12.87 km. Opened July 12, 1980.

Fréjus Road Tunnel / Photo: Shutterstock

Mont Blanc Tunnel connecting France and Italy - 11.611 km. Opened JUly 19, 1965.

Mont Blanc Tunnel / Photo: Shutterstock

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