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Tour Of Uganda III - A Hippo in “The Bedroom”

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Hippo - The Intruder at night Hippo - The Intruder at night

The sight I saw when I woke up in the middle of the night was hilarious and panic-inducing, both. My friend, with whom I shared a tent, was pointing with her torch to the spot where the dimensional silhouette of a hippo could be seen – a sight almost as impressive as the animal drawings in the Lascaux cave in France, but with just one small problem: the tent canvas separating us was way too thin.

Perhaps we should have been forewarned the day before, when Birgit - an experienced traveller - asked: "Aren´t these beautiful noises", referring to the lions that roared frequently somewhere in our vicinity. 

The Hippo - the intruder at night

I don´t know why, but my main worry was what if the hippo stumbled upon us and buried us under his enormous body . . . but nothing like that happened, and in the morning we met our night intruder face to face. 

The night that we spent within the borders of the Lake Mburo National Park was one of the most entertaining of our trip. The other nights were mostly a time of peacefully sleeping through, accompanied at most by lizards. 

The accomodation during the tour was mostly economical, calling on real human creativity to make our nights practical and comfortable and within the budget. 

Typical Economical Accommodation...Bedroom with the necessary mosquito net

...and the amenities - water heating in the barrel for showers...

...and common toilet

Accommodation in the area of Rwenzori Mountains

Accommodation at Edirisa Hostel Museum in Kabale

Apart from that, though, real luxury lodgings decorated with local materials, but at a far higher level of luxury, were also available. Here is Mihingo Lodge.

Mihingo Lodge - common area

Mihingo Lodge - common area

Mihingo Lodge - common area with the swimming pool...

...and spectacular views

Mihingo Lodge - Bedroom

...and bathroom

Photos: Martina Advaney

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