The series of articles about travel discoveries continues and today we take you on a sacred visit to the homes of deities. As the highest places were often linked to the Gods, we will visit several mountains dedicated to a certain God or Gods.

To know a country one should live there at least a while. Though there are always shortcuts. This time it’s Poland, almost all films based on real incidents. You might also pick up some of the language while you watch.

The historical masterpieces are full of symbols and hidden meanings. Since the circumstances of those times were generally not favourable towards open expression and also since the concepts of the paintings were practically dictated by the buyer, primarily The Church, the masters were forced to use their great diplomatic skills and tactics to imbed their messages surreptitously. There is no just one way to view the paintings. Although dictionaries of symbolism of different eras are available there still exists that intriguing possibility...there might be more to decipher.

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