The source of inspiration often comes from unexpected corners. When you plan a colour combination for your project, the right solution can lie right in front of you, totally unnoticed. How many times has it happened that some picture catches your eye without you knowing why? It can be the composition, but what about the effect of a pleasing colour combination? Check out what treasures they hide and plan your own design.

Teenager issues are the topic of this week's movie selections. While the magnitude of the problems tempts us to expect exclusively dramas, soon you will discover that the subject can also be approached in a more humorous way.

25/1/2018 - 4:00 pm

Recycling - What Belongs Where

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The problem of an excess of packaging material is worldwide. The need to wrap goods has grown to such an extent that sometimes it is difficult to get items unwrapped, not to mention the dilemma of which recycling container the packaging belongs in.

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