We are following up on yesterday's quiz about the locations where films were shot by giving you the right answers and including our movie picks for this weekend. While watching these you can compare the normal look of the actual locations with the way they appeared in the films.

It has been some time since our last movie quiz, so here is a new one. This time we will check your knowledge of movie locations. Some of these places are so unique that the link with the movies they served will immediately come to you. For easier recollection there are usually two photos for each movie. Explore our gallery of film locations and you can compare your results in Friday's movie picks.

When it comes to Albrecht Dürer, most will surely remember at least one of his works. His self-portrait, significantly reminding the viewer of Jesus, is one of the paintings that art books like to reproduce. Similarly it is with the famous engraving, Adam and Eve, from 1504, or the detailed depiction of a rabbit in watercolour – Young Hare – from 1502. In 1514, however, Dürer created a copperplate titled Melencolia I, which was immediately understood to be a masterpiece.

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