Subway stations don’t usually evoke very pleasant feelings. On the contrary they are often ordinary and ugly. You will be surprised to know there are some subway stations around the world that are far from ugly or even ordinary. Especially in the case of the Russian subway stations, some of these are comparable to many dancing halls and galleries in their detailed work. Come, have a look with us.

Within our summer language school, we will take a look at Croatia, this week. The history of Croatian cinema is rather short and we bring you films that were made after 2000. Our list represents, some original topics. Here is a range of free-spirited comedies to a drama on the tragic impacts of  war.

Some time back a shocking discovery took place during a survey by Lechuza. The survey revealed that 25% of the 2000 children who were surveyed, didn't know that ketchup comes from tomatoes. Instead they were often of the impression that ketchup was made out of another red coloured fruit, strawberries.

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