For all those who want to try a brand new experience on October 31, this Halloween you might consider visiting one of the reportedly haunted places around the world. Haunted or paranormal places are often connected with unfortunate events, such as murders, and it is an individual question whether you believe the stories are real or figments of someone‘s imagination. The best is to judge for yourself.

A little girl with a gigantic basket full of bananas on her head had followed us since the moment we entered Kabale. Finally she reached us at the gas station. Her basket approached us at eye level before she showed up, too. She had plenty of spunk and a strong voice, though, to offset the unimportant inconvenience of her stature. "Why is she driving?", she asked, looking at Sam and nodding towards me. "Why not", he answered. Apparently not happy with such a simple explanation, she came back with another naughty question/statement: "But you are the man, no?"

24/10/2017 - 4:00 pm

Irreplaceable Kitchen Wrap

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Kitchen wrap, Saran wrap or Cling film - all of these refer to one of the best inventions that ever entered the market. The thin, adhesive, and elastic plastic film that smoothly adheres to almost every material has a multitude of uses beyond wrapping up your sandwich. Have you thought of these uses for kitchen wrap before?

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