23/10/2017 - 4:00 pm

An October Of Dazzling Colours

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The weather here in Europe has been unexpectedly warm and sunny the last couple of weeks, and therefore we can share with you some bright, colourful, sharply focused pictures that create a natural counterpoint to the hazy autumn panoramas that we published recently.

Movies that relate in some way to cooking are always popular.  Following up on the selection of „Movies for Cookery Lovers“ that we presented to  you some time back, we now present weekend movie picks that offer you an entire menu, starting with the soup followed by  a main course and of course a dessert, plus an extra surprise.  Your upcoming weekend can be like a series of scenes from the movies.

On a September morning we woke up early to follow the path of the lions in Queen Elizabeth National Park. This series of articles will take you on our safari to Uganda in the form of a  photogallery accompanied by short narrative fragments. The weather was not exactly favourable to us, since a slow but persistent rain was falling. We managed to spot other animals, but nowhere did we catch a glimpse of the lions.  Then, when the rain finally stopped, we got lucky.  At last, a golden silhouette was approaching from afar.

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