It’s summer time and harvesting is a part of it . After all, harvesting is harvesting. But check out this common summer activity from a different perspective.

For a small country of the Czech Republic, there are a large number of ruins of castles. From the tiniest ones known only to the locals to the famous and frequently visited. Often they are filled with mysteries and legends of their origin or of their destruction.  In any case,  they are a good reason to put on your sports shoes, pick up a bicycle and give yourself an active summer trip. We bring you a list of few known and unknown ruins of castles in the Czech land.

Holidays are the well deserved  time of the year that we all look forward to. We plan, we save and then...bang...we don´t even feel we’ve been on a holiday. Why? Because the pleasures were lost. And who did it? Believe it or not but it was us.

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