The media’s representation onscreen says something powerful about how the media are viewed in society in different time frames and the role it has in the construction of reality.

For most people the terms “Roma” and “Gypsy” have a rather pejorative undertone. Only a few realize how rich and colorful the culture of the Roma people actually is. Separate and distinct from the rest of society, the Roma and their existence are often enshrouded in mystery. Understanding the core of the Romani culture by active participation is the best way to avoid these misunderstandings and build a bridge between the groups.

An ethical hacker is responsible for examining internal servers and finding out any vulnerabilities coming from the outside. Also she/he can cooperate with developers on security requirements or updates. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the IT security field will grow by 37 percent by 2022. There is an acute shortage of specialists in this sector.


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