Summer language school is still on, and those who have no opportunity for some good international exposure, please accept our weekly movie tips as a valid replacement to improve your language skills. With movies in German to fill the upcoming weekend, you'll become a pro.

There are many sayings and recommendations that are more myth than truth. Despite that, we tend to follow them as if they were unconditionally correct. Are any of your personal “truths“ among them?  Here’s where you can find out.

With the explosion in the numbers of those travelling and also the great upsurge in the number of smartphone and social media users, certain habits have got established relating to the kind of pictures being taken. Sony Mobile revealed their research #XperiaNewPerspectives on the most photographed spots on Earth. And the results? Check out with us.

Be it arachnophobia, agoraphobia or claustrophobia, certain phobias are well known, while others may be unknown to many,  even those who are dealing with them. Which is your biggest fear?

Every era has a certain pride for its accomplishments. The traditions of naming the wonders of the world has existed since the ancient times. The list changes depend upon various factors. Which are the seven wonders of the world today and how they used to be. Come with us and discover.

There is another aspect to foreign language movies, apart from catching up on the language, that is worth mentioning – and that is the brand-new faces. We are beginning this weekend by recommending French lessons in the form of five movies including a few original topics and one historical film.


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