The  stories in which there no certainty how they will end until the very last moment.  We introduce to you, a few movies, which give you a sense of urgency while watching, for this weekend.

Thinking of rain can have different feelings for different people. Coming from a central Europe where there is neither a lack of rain nor devastating drought during any season, the feel of upcoming rain is more or less neutral. Compare that to the places in the world where it rains practically non stop, while there are other parts that don´t receive rainfall at all. Which are those? Find out in our infographic.

Visual art in public spaces which is sometimes unauthorized is primarily for reaching out to a wide audience, as a free form of art. What are the differences and the trends in street  or urban art? Find out from our gallery.

It is the one of remotest  inhabited islands in the world. The local name is Rapa Nui, and it includes more than 900 gigantic statues created by the early Rapa Nui people and still survive. If it still doesn´t sound familiar, see how Easter Island sounds. To what it owes its name is more prosaic than would be expected.

With another weekend coming, we have a selections of movies for you that we would recommend for the forthcoming holidays. Get ready for some Easter related films, entertaining comedies and an Oscar winning drama.

Large eyes with adorable expressions, fluffy fur, cute clumsiness, or even embarrassed looks.  Is it hard for you to resist kittens, puppies, or bunnies? Then see what studies have to say. How It Works magazine has pointed some common features among mammal cubs that have the power to capture our hearts.


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