We’ve highlighted below some of the most recent developments and occurrences in youth-related news and events.

Last week we introduced 5 movies to you that were a surprise in 2016.  This week for a change, we would like to prepare you for some of the upcoming and expectedly good films in the current year.

Foxes (jap. kitsune) are found all across Japan and are common subjects of Japanese folklore. They are lovable, playful, and quite unpredictable. The fox is an unusual animal, with doglike characteristics and catlike behavior. Foxes are solitary rather than social, they are stealth hunters, mostly active at night, but at the same time are good parents to their pups. It is possible that their dual nature has served as a key inspiration for the myths and legends about Kitsune – the wild shapeshifting and tricky vulpine youkai (jap. supernatural monster, spirit, or demon in Japanese folklore).

Czechs are known for two interestingly oposite traits. While they can be good with their hands, they often are extremely lazy. Now I guess all countries have their quirks, but today let‘s focus on some of the badly mismanaged and poorly performed reconstruction work that was discovered while inspecting these properties. Depending on your individual perspective, you may find some of them will make you want to laugh and some will make you want to cry.  Either way, these are worth seeing.

Simple black and white illustrations referring to the most common daily situations, and so many of them interesting. HuskMitNavn from Denmark manages to inspire everyone and with simple twists makes his work literally jump out of the paper. Watch more in the gallery.

Do you hate your work, or are you angry with somebody? Whether it is a one-time thing or you just simply have a low-threshold temper, the best thing is to deal with it. Today we bring you one approach to getting the job done – an Anger Room. After paying a small amount of money, you can destroy everything that is inside this room. Sounds crazy? Might be, but Anger Rooms do exist. One of them is in the Czech Republic, near the second largest city – Brno – and a second is expected in Prague soon. What are the benefits?  Let’s let individuals decide for themselves.


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