For this weekend we have prepared a film delicacy. The scenes serve only to create the background for philosophical reflexions of more-or-less important topics.  We offer the best conversational movies for this weekend‘s movie picks.

Recently we published a weekly movie picks article about actors who have been around since they were children. Quite logically it makes sense to look at the other end of the spectrum and cover actors who by chance or by struggle succeeded only in their late thirties or even later.

Perhaps  a somewhat gloomy topic for this weekend‘s movie picks, but still worth to considering for Saturday or Sunday entertainment. All highly rated films for those who know how to deal with serious issues and dark themes.

With books and movies, it is difficult. There are books which are better than the movies that are based upon them, and once in a while a movie comes along which actually stands above the book that inspired it. And then there are literal classics which have been filmed over and over again. The famous name, though, doesn't always guarantee an instant success.

The common point for today's lengthy movie selection is the fact that the actors – best known for their roles as adults – have been acting since childhood. While some of them have carried the same features into adulthood, others will be a surprise for you.

This week in the weekend movie picks we offer a tribute to  one of the motion picture industry‘s foremost directors, Miloš Forman, who passed away last week at the age of 86. His movies are among the best, and here are the five movies that we believe are his most notable.

In yesterday´s mini quiz we gave you the clues to the movies that we recommend for this weekend. We hope you got all of them right!

When pencil and paper don't answer theoretical questions, there is an opening for a real experiment. The movie picks of this week will give you a journey through some of the puzzling questions of humankind, morality, and the habits researchers have tried to uncover. Slightly creepy viewing that will make you think.

Scientists In Movies

In this list we have for you, some highly recommended movies based on the lives of scientists their verve for their beliefs and the challenges they faced.

Female Leads Movies

Women mostly play second fiddle in the movies that we see. Here is a list of films for your watching pleasure that exemplifies women and have women playing the lead role. Each one of them from very good to excellent.


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