You always recognize it – a song comes into your head and you can't stop it from repeating its loop. Many of these have become more famous than the bands that created them. And so they go on and on in radios and supermarkets, and most people don´t even know who is singing. Let‘s have a look at some of these "One Hit Wonders".

90s of last century was replete with new dances. Video clips were shot in abundance and almost everyone would copy the movements successfully and dance at the discos. However, there were a few dances that became iconic. Here they are:

Some people call it “wave”, some would say it is “witch house”, or even “experimental bass”. Whatever the nomenclature, it is hard to define this quite unusual, underground genre.

In a previous article, we wrote about the particular style of music called retrowave, which grew out of the desire to hybridize something old-fashioned with modern trends. Therefore, today's piece will be about a rather comparable style of music which has emerged in a somewhat similar way.

Previous articles were devoted to post-rock, retrowave, and psytrance, but now it seems that the time has come to turn our attention to more mainstream genres. So, today we have decided to write about grunge.

This article will take you to India, particularly to the state of Goa, which has given its name to the genre of music that will be described in today's article.

The Aesthetics Of The ‘80s

We have thought for a long time about how to proceed with our new music column. It seems that, having started with post-rock, it is necessary to keep going in that particular direction, meaning that we should tell you about other music genres and performers that are no less entertaining and unique. Today we are going to talk about retrowave.

You’ve experienced it – yesterday you watched a movie, and ever since then you can´t stop humming the main music theme . . . It is pretty obvious that film music is not just written to fill the blind spots in the movie, and is eligible to live a life of its own. Here are five captivating motion picture themes.

The Best Musical Talents

Music talent competitions have already been with us for a few decades. They generally can be divided into two exciting categories - The really disastrous ones and the great hidden voices. Apart from the in-between boring grey mass, of course. For this article we have prepared a collection of the most unique, unexpected, and absolutely top-notch participants from music competitions all over the world, all of them absolutely worth watching. Scroll down, and check it out.

David Brown, a leader of Brazzaville musical band, shared with us his recipe of simple human happiness – to look aside at times from our iPhones and think about other people.


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