With the summer holidays beginning, we again offer our readers a summer movie series. While last year you had an opportunity to learn languages with our weekly movie picks (to name a few Mexican, Russian or French), this year we will offer a trip into history. And we start with films from the 1920s.

The fertility rate is an important factor in every country's economy. As much as some may fear the Earth is becoming too crowded, every economist would like for birth rates to grow. Do you know which places have the highest fertility rates?

Building higher and higher goes back centuries. After all the Tower of Babel speaks for itself. Today, let's have a look at some of the tallest buildings that have been built in different parts of the world during modern times.

The lust for possessions is one of the hallmarks of the humankind. Some of the most treasured possessions are paintings. Whether these are coveted by the museums or the private collectors who sometimes hide the originals in their basements and display copies, is another matter. Let´s have a look at some of the most expensive paintings in the world and let us also remember the beauty.

Nature provides. In the case of animals nature provides various kinds of camouflage for their survival and protection. Let´s have a look at the creative ways in which one finds nature at work.

Obvious or unexpected friendships are the common ground for this week’s movie picks – all highly-rated movies with exceptional casting that will guarantee you a great viewing experience.


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