A plane flying straight to the Moon, a rainbow forming a perfect circle and on top of it adding a double . . . waiting for pictures like these requires patience, or else just luck, and being at the right place at the right time.

Various countries gave rise to the most contrasting of dances. The diversity comes from stage-like performance through to what over time, became classic dances and also the ones that have both erotic and an aggressive energy. To sum it up, dances that are a piece of art.

The idea of connecting two places using a bridge must have taken a different meaning when you see these bridges. Sure, they join two places but a trip on them might cause you bit of a head spin. Check out the most scary bridges.

These are not the everyday pictures you come across on the Internet. These are places that you maybe didn't even know existed. We have listed below some of the scarcely-known places which are worth considering when planning your next trip.

The common point for today's lengthy movie selection is the fact that the actors – best known for their roles as adults – have been acting since childhood. While some of them have carried the same features into adulthood, others will be a surprise for you.

While at first glance they don´t look like they belong together, in interiors they still have a lasting place. Certain colours and colour combinations will always be valid even if all kinds of trends change or even vanish. Which are those? Check out our photogallery.


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