If you wish to get into mushroom picking as a pass time, it’s a good idea to know your mushrooms before you ingest them. Here are some of the more popular edible mushrooms.

Colour pictures are the order of the day. However, the effect of black and white pictures almost always appears to come out more dramatic. Here we have some select pictures that are in black and white and taken during the summer.

Safety first. The best way to secure your home is to invite a friend or a professional house sitter to stay at your place while leaving on vacation. Since most of us may not have this luxury it is prudent to take some precautions.

The summer is already in its second half, and so are we with our weekly tour through the decades of the film industry. This weekend we offer a rich selection of the best movies from the seveties. You won't be disappointed.

Another country on our list of summer travel destinations is Ireland. The country of lush green and generous rainfall has something to offer in every season, so why not in this summer? Check out our gallery for inspiration.

In this summer we have been introducing you choice of movies from individual decades. We started with twenties and through the next decades, reached to one of the best period in the film industry - sixties - with some of the most memorable films shooted during this time.


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