Celma Costa

Celma Costa

Celma Costa is a Mozambican-born author. Holding a degree in Political Science from South Africa, she is passionate about international issues and the way in which people connect despite their boundaries. Travelling and eating and learning about people's cultures are adventures disguised as lessons, as she goes out of her way to understand how people think and what guides their behaviour. She aspires to open her NGO dealing with civic education for the empowerment of young people across the world.

Have you ever wanted to do more than simply hop between monuments? Have you ever felt like you could help a community if only you were given the chance? Well, this opportunity exists, and it is called voluntourism, a concept which unfortunately carries negative connotations and drives some people away. Here are five reasons why you should give voluntourism a chance!

When I signed up to be an exchange student in Brazil, I thought I’d be living on the beach and enjoying the sun for all eternity. Five years later, I realize the exchange was about learning five powerful lessons that have changed how I see the world.

Out of 80 students, only five qualified for University, and only four were able to go. Israel Gawiseb was one of the four, but upon reaching the University, he realized that success is much more than just getting good grades. This was when Israel decided to return to his hometown, Khorixas, in Namibia, to start an institute that can change a student’s life.

When it comes to eating, there can never be an answer to the question of where the best food comes from. Taiwan’s street food, however, is taking centre stage with a diverse pool of flavours no visitor is able to resist! Find out why!

Riding on public transport is such an ordinary activity that we often do it without even realizing what’s happening around us. Not in Kenya! Kenya’s unique public busses play music on full blast and drive around as mobile artefacts, inviting everyone to jump on with no need to get off!

No one is really sure what culture means, nor what cultural appropriation would be defined as. We often notice when people around us get offended by the mispronunciation of a word in their language, or with the fact that a fashion accessory is actually a tribal piece. Here is what you can do to stop appropriating other people’s cultures.

The summer holidays are coming soon, and while some will simply be enjoying themselves, you need to find an internship. Say good-bye to desperate searching, because the opportunity might be right in front of you, and here are six tips to make sure you don’t lose sight of it!

Between your studies and your prospective job lies a small gap of possibilities. Those who venture into it find obstacles and challenges that can either make them or break them. Sylver Kibelolaud has not had an easy journey, but he has succeeded in creating his own startup, and he shares with us what he has learnt.

Street Art has always been associated with fighting the mainstream and criticizing mass consumerism; but today, these ideas seem to be getting along pretty well. Is that a bad thing?

Dalia Mikulska, a Polish-born youth, has decided to dedicate her time to volunteer work in Africa and Turkey, as her eyes have been opened to the realities that the media does not always portray, and who has returned not only with the passion and eagerness to go back and effect more change, but also with the responsibility to share her story, and the story of all those she has encountered.

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