It’s been three months since the Syrian refugee Doaa Al Zamel was rescued by a Greek vessel after the boat that she was travelling in was deliberately rammed in the Mediterranean Sea. She and another 500 immigrants had left from an Egyptian port on 6th of September with the hope of finding a better life in Europe. Doaa was one of only 11 people who managed to survive 3 nights in the water, struggling to stay afloat while carrying an 18-month-old baby girl throughout the ordeal. The little girl’s mother had entrusted her to Doaa just before she died.

David Brown, a leader of Brazzaville musical band, shared with us his recipe of simple human happiness – to look aside at times from our iPhones and think about other people.

Market research is a huge global enterprise that generates substantial economic revenue. Arguably, people who work as professionals in the market research field should not be easily taken in by a shrewd shelving of products in the supermarket or sophisticated advertising campaigns.

Salman Khoshroo’s portraits seem so honest and yet impartial, that they make you quiver. Perhaps that happens because what he does in his paintings is laying human soul open. Psychology is his primary interest in art. Khoshroo’s studio is similar to a psychologist’s consulting room, and his paintings come as personal diagnosis for different people. Each face looking at you from his paintings is a face of an ordinary Iranian. Each face makes you wonder about what one man is able to understand about the other, and about how this comprehension is possible without words. These are the Khoshroo’s paintings that we choose to dedicate our photo project to. The interview with the Youth Time reveals what is motivating Salman Khoshroo and what is moving him forward.

Interview with elements of analysis of modern educational system told by an ordinary Czech fellow. Jakub Studeny is also known under the stage name IronKap. He is a young teacher of computer science and economics and a rapper in the one skin. Back in the day he had worked in the economic department of a large pharmaceutical company in Prague, but he didn’t enjoy that job at all. A successful musician decided to become a teacher and devote part of his life to profession, which, as you know, is something more than just an ordinary job. Basically, we asked Kuba (short for Jakub) about whether anything changes in his looks when IronKap appears as a teacher or if the teaching career influences his popularity in music.

Man calls 911 over 28-year-old son’s messy bedroom or hypnotist accidentally hypnotises himself in the mirror for five hours. How often this kind of absurdity things happen? Mario Chromy an academically trained artist, loves collecting the news about everyday life that particularly inspire him in his daring artistic exploits.


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