Let’s face it: wasting food is not benefitting anyone. It is not only bad for the environment and unethical, but also bad for your wallet. Need some tips on how to become a sustainable consumer? We have collected five of the most important ones to help you keep your meals free from waste.

Around 1.3 billion tonnes of food get lost or wasted annually around the globe. In a world where one in nine people suffers from chronic undernourishment, these numbers should not only shock but should cause an immediate reaction. Read on to discover some of the inspiring initiatives that aim to tackle the problem of food waste.

The latest developments in technology offer you not only surfing the Internet if you have access to WiFi or mobile Internet, playing games, checking your social media accounts, and using various apps, but also help in planning your travels. Who needs a travel agent when you have a smartphone? For all of you digital-savvy travelers, we have made a list of the six most useful travel apps, any of which might be a real help when you find yourself in a foreign country or a place you have had no chance to visit before and want to ensure a worry-free trip.

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