Marzhan Nurzhan

Marzhan Nurzhan

Have you ever wondered how some of your fellows or peers are selected to attend high level conferences? You see them sharing pictures and impressions from meetings taking place in venues like the United Nations, or hosted by the OSCE PA and jointly with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & the IOM –International Organization for Migration. You are curious about how to become part of these events, too, and you ask yourself where to begin. Well, let`s find out! NB, these recommendations are based on my personal experience, and the advice presented is not exhaustive is and not limited to the information provided.

Do you have an airport layover lasting more than two hours while travelling to your final destination? Are you planning activities accordingly and trying to keep yourself busy by surfing the internet with limited wi-fi access just for a couple of hours, shopping in duty free shops, or merely killing time by sleeping while waiting for your next flight? No more, if you have a stopover in the airports listed below. It is time to spend our layover hours outside of the airport and in the city, efficiently and wisely, with fun introductory city tours that the airports provide for free!


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