Martina Advaney

Martina Advaney

Martina is a designer with many years of experience, she writes articles on varied subjects and also conducts interviews.


From France to Spain, across to Italy, Romania and Croatia, through the remoteness of India and Russia, this weekend we will extend our reach to The Land of the Rising Sun - Japan. Japanese cinematography is in no way limited to manga and anime movies. The list of movies that we present to you will take you to current Japan, from different angles and genres.

17/8/2017 - 1:34 pm

Things Not to Throw Away

When it comes to throwing things away, I always face a dilemma when deciding whether an item will be of any use anytime soon. My father used to say that we would soon have to build an extra house for the spare items. I don't think the situation is that serious, but the combination of environmental issues and simple pity for used things makes me want to find a suitable use for many things that others would throw away. My credo, though, is to use them "once and enough" before they finally land in a trash bin, to prevent turning our home into a warehouse.

Any given word in one language can mean something quite different in another language. Mostly these are just innocent differences in meaning, but here and there some of the differences can create embarrassing situations if the nuances are overlooked. In one instance, a brand was introduced in a new foreign market and not only failed, but had to be removed from all the shelves because the brand name had a double meaning which happened to be vulgar and inappropriate in the country of introduction. Check it out.

As life expectancy goes higher and higher so do the risks of developing age related diseases. Since we humans cannot regenerate ourselves, enter the scientists. What are the latest success stories that science has to offer and are these attempts original or do some of them mimic age old and even primitive beliefs? Read to find out.

We have visited the most stunning metro stations in one of our previous articles. Today we will tour some of the most charming train stations. Traveling is experiencing a big boom and having the opportunity to admire old fashion architecture along the way is a bonus.

Our next trip through the back roads of the film industry will take us to Romania, with movies that are largely overlooked by mainstream viewers but which should not be missed. Our list comprises a few comedies, one drama, and a documentary movie.

The Arnolfini Portrait, as the title states, was revolutionary in its time and fascinates to this day. The double portrait is not in the category of simple representational art. Instead, everything in the picture attracts the viewer’s attention to details which could be an important message or convey a meaning.

The longest words in most languages are a challenge. Perhaps that´s why they are not often used and commonly remain curiosities in dictionaries. Here are some of the most complicated ones, some running on and on, and taking up whole lines.

For some a daily necessity, for others a tourist attraction. Suspension bridges are travel destinations that are only for the strong at heart. What are the scariest ones in the world?  We‘ll find out in today´s article.

What makes us what we are is influenced by many factors. Based on research it can clearly be stated, food and nutrition is one of the important factors that influences our personality apart from contributing to physical health.

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